Yelena Cosplay Finished!

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I have started working on my Yelena cosplay and I wanted to share my progress on here since there isn't really a lot out there about making her costume. This will be my first cosplay that I have made without any outside help so hopefully I don't wreck it lol.

This whole cosplay is going to be made with templates I have made myself so existing clothes and my duct tape mannequin are going to be used a lot.

I started with making a template of the vest on my mannequin, I only did half since it is symmetrical
After a lot of stalling, today I finally made a mock-up out of muslin
I am fairly happy with how its fitting and I learned a lot about sewing sharp angles, I am going to cut out the actual pieces I need so that I can hopefully sew it sometime this week when I have time. I also started to make a pattern for the main suit using a onesie that I have but I ran out of muslin so I will have to get some more. The fabrics that I am using an an olive color cotton twill and a woven stretch polyester, I go these both from Hobby Lobby at 30% off so super excited about that. I'll be going into more detail about everything else that I'm using and where I got it from as I progress and I'll try to show as many pictures as I can.This is all I have for now so hopefully I'll be able to show you more soon.

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This week was pretty hectic so I did not get as much done as I wanted to but I have made some pretty good progress
I was able to finish the main body the vest, I still have quite a bit left to do on it but I am super proud of what I have so far especially since this is the first piece of clothing that I have ever made 100% on my own

I wanted to show you a close up of the fabrics that I used on the vest, the green is a cotton twill, and the black is a textured stretch polyester, I am also going to be using a black polyester broadcloth for the lining.

The last thing that I did this week was create a mock up for the suit itself, I used a onesie that I have that has the fit that I wanted and used that to make a pattern, if you don't have a onesie you can use sweats and a jacket that have the fit that you want.

The rest of the stuff I need to make the vest should be here soon so hopefully I will have a finished vest to show you on my next update and maybe the beginnings of a suit.


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The vest is finished!

For the straps I measured and cut them out, then took the fabric that I used for the vest and sewed a rectangle onto the straps. I then used bias tape on the top and bottom edge, I made sure to leave 5/8ths of the fabric on one edge so that I could sew it. For the straps that connect to the back I pinned them into place and sewed them onto the back, the raw edge will be covered up later.

I don't have any progress picture but for the two tabs with snaps, I just cut out a rectangle and made a "tube", then I added snaps on the tabs and the vest
Next came attaching the zipper, I made sure to line up the straps as even as I could as well as the tabs

For the pockets I had to shorten my zippers to about 2.5in, I cut out a template using the zippers for pockets. I made a long rectangle that would fit the zipper and sewed along that line, then I cut down the center and out to the two corners. I then put the pocket lining through the hole and ironed it flat. Next I sewed in the zipper (the first one was a little wonky) and the other half of the pocket and boom, I can put so much in there and you wouldn't even know.



The next step was to do the lines on the shoulder, I market out 5in and did a line every half inch

Next I added the lining, I used the same templates as the vest to make the lining, I only sewed the bottom edge and the zipper edges so I could still flip it right side out.

To clean the shoulder edges I used the same bias tape that I used on the straps

I made a template for the collar and machine sewed the front on then took almost two hours to hand invisible stitch the rest on. I then added the snaps to the collar.

The last thing that I had to do was add the metal parts that go on the straps, I used the metal strips that they put on face masks, they are a little bit thin but they do the job and I think that they look pretty good.

And there you have it the first part of Yelena's costume is finally finished, I am crazy proud of this and I'm excited to start working on the suit itself. No promises but hopefully I will have a finished suit to show for my next update. If anyone wants any other pictures or clarification as to how I did anything, feel free to message me and I'll help as best as I can.

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This week I was able to get the suit about 90% finished. I started with the onesie mockup that I had already made and drew out where the two different fabrics meet.

If you look closely at her suit you can see that it is two different fabric, I am using a white scuba knit and an off white nylon. The nylon that I got was kind of see through so I got some white polyester broadcloth to line the nylon pieces.

For the lines on the suit I used half inch double fold bias tape and cut it in half, I am currently still working on hand sewing all the strips on.

This part is pretty time consuming but hopefully I should be able to finish it this week.

At this point all I have left to do after finishing the trim pieces is her armour pieces, belt, and gun and knife holsters.

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Didn't she brag about all the pockets? They have a conversation in the movie about it... it only has two? I assumed it was a tactical vest with a bunch of pockets... how disappointing...


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Hey guys, I'm back. Sorry I didn't post an update when I normally do my week was just super hectic and I only got a little done that I didn't feel was significant enough to post.

Anyways, I have finished sewing on the trim and I finished all the edges on the suit and its looking pretty good.
Here I was test fitting my belt, but it gives you a good idea of how it will look.

Before I started this project I made templates for all the foam pieces so I wanted to show what those look like.

The next thing that I worked on was the belt. I originally wanted to use a buckle on the front but it wouldn't have had the look I was going for so I attached velcro so it would close in the back. For the belt I am using a sort of seat belt material. The buckle and piece that go on the back are 6mm Eva foam with 2mm hourglasses, the pieces that will go over where the belt and holsters meet are 4mm and 2mm and the little rectangles are 6mm.

I based all these pieces with black and brushed over them with silver mixed with black for a sort of gunmetal look that I'm super happy with

I attached the buckle pieces to the belt with contact cement, I am waiting to put the other pieces on until I finish the holsters to make sure I position them correctly.


Here are the full body shots with the mostly finished belt, I am going to update more frequently throughout the rest of the week as I finish pieces. I am hoping to finish by Halloween, it may be a long shot but if I push I should be able to.


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I finished!

After a few long nights I was able to finish the rest of this cosplay for Halloween.

The first thing I had to tackle was the armour, I templated out the knees, elbows and shoulders. I made the knees and elbows out of 2mm and the shoulders out of 4.

To attach them I contact cemented the knees to the suit and I attached straps to the elbows and bottom of the shoulder. The top of the shoulder attaches to the suit with heavy duty velcro. To make the black outline that is on the shoulder straps as well as the holster straps I sewed the light grey webbing on top of some black elastic.

After the armour I got started on the holsters. The main body is 4mm and the knife holders are 2mm, to get the design I just cut it out on 2mm and glued it onto of another piece of 2mm. I then cut out a long strip of 2mm that was about 5mm tall so that it would allow the 4mm knifes to go inside.

The gun holster is made out of 4mm, when I made the template I used the template for the gun and traced around it so that I could make a shape that the finished gun would fit into, it was raised the same way as the knife holster but with 4mm instead, The gun is three pieces of 6mm and 2mm for the detail on top.

The bites were the part I was a little stuck on how to make but I decided on using wooden dowels, (I think they are 4mm wide) the fabric they are attached to is a black stretch leather that I am going to be using for my winter soldier nat.

The final step was to attach the holsters to my main belt, I used the same webbing I used for the main belt and sewed the connections closed.

And there you have it, I am super proud of how this turned out and I am excited to work on many more projects to come, until then here are some pics I took tonight.

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