Yautjamas? (name pending lol)


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Does anyone here have experience dyeing, painting, or otherwise patterning fleece or minky fabric? I ask this because at some point I want to make a onesie; a silicone or latex bodysuit is nice, but not the most comfortable thing to lounge about the house in lmao

My plan, in theory, would be to dye the whole piece in a base colour, sponge in some darker detailing around the joints and such, then use fabric paint for a fishnet pattern on top. With how many little scales and bumps and details there are on yautja skin, I know I won't be able to get all of that in, but I do want to at least try! And I figure I could do little details here and there with black silicone caulk, to mock up spines and quills. Fabric paint isn't ideal, since I've had bad experiences with its longevity, but might be my only option for the netting, with the precision I'd want for that. I'm also unsure if that's possible to do well with minky, since that's sort of like a short fur, as opposed to fleece. Minky is so much softer, but I figure I'll get some test fabric for both and see what works

Any dye recommendations or techniques you guys would suggest? And has anyone found a fabric paint that lasts for a long time? I'm really stumped on where to start, when I do have the cash for it


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stanwinstonschool.com has some walkthroughs on how to air brush fabrics. If that is the only thing you need to learn you can buy the individual lesson.

First I recommend looking through the walkthroughs on predatorium.com.

The yearly subscription is about 350 and allows access to 500+ hours of video. I will be getting that once I get caught up on bills.

Anything monster making is on that site. And many walk throughs regarding the various aspects of a predator build.

I also recommend looking through some of the walkthroughs on this site first as that is very much, completely free.

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