Y-WIng mash up


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I'm in the process of putting together "my own version" of a Y while still trying to be mostly accurate with kit parts. I purchased a bunch of castings some years ago I have no idea what Y version they came from and just got started a couple weeks ago. I just finished putting together a Salzo V4 and was motivated to begin this.

I would like to know if anyone can point me in the right direction or flat out let me know what kit parts these are from?


Other than the middle one (MonsieurTox), I don't know where I copied these pictures from. I'll take them down f there is a problem.

View attachment 469049
View attachment 469050
View attachment 469051

Here are some of my progress shots. Its off in a lot of ways I'm sure but size wise its pretty much SS I believe. If not feel free to move the thread.

View attachment 469052
View attachment 469053
View attachment 469054
View attachment 469055



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In my pic : nichimo jagdtiger (also in the Tiger II).
3rd pic : this is the funnel of a 1/600 Airfix naval ship, cant remember, I think it was the Nelson. Someone will correct me. On top of it this is a part from the Hasegawa M4A3E8.

Nice start !
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