Y-wing filming mini what was the main body made from


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Was wondering what it was made from?
Not the engines, pylons, cockpit but the main area
where all the kit parts are attached to.Thanks for
any help.:thumbsup
Looks like at least the first two were made of steyrene.. (Gold Leader and MOM tour Y) molds were taken of these hulls to produce the remaining hero's and Pyros. There is a shot of the y underconstruction in the red jammer build up thread shows it all in styrene with zero kit parts added.

One thing about the MoM Y bothers me, notice the seam running through the detail piece on the rear fuselage right behind the wing (see attachment), is it a casting seam or was it broken at some point? The seam continues to the back plate and is the same on the other side, it looks like the whole end was cast? A friend of mine speculated if it was a never-detonated and later detailed pyro but it´s too detailed.
Strange bird... Love it. Once the Gold Ys are out this is the one I´m gonna get. :love
I was looking at the picture in the thread Steve mentioned I think Gene
posted it, it's in the Chronicles book on page #111 with Grant McCune.
The engine domes at the front don't look like the legs eggs containers to
me, the legs eggs containers seem to have a cleaner transition into the
engine body. Other color photos on the same page of the Y-wing seem to
look more like the legs eggs to me.
I think there was variation in where the eggs were trimmed, and even which half of the egg was used.
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