Y wing drawings


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I seriously considering scratch building a 1/24th (ish) scale Y wing. I got the idea looking at all the big plastic Easter eggs. They would look perfect for the engine cones....... yeah, right, easy.... So if I can get an accurate blue-print style drawing that you guys approve of I might give it a go. What do you think?


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Ooooh this sounds cool! I'd love to help out, I have the Saturn V kit so I could start roughing somethin out....

Hello HH. I'm not sure how accurate this would be but I primarily want to get the engine to fuselage angle right this time. I screwed it up on my 1/48th scale Y. The engines are too high. What I wold do is get the diameter of the eggs and everything is back engineered from that. I just hope I can find pvc the same diameter. It sounds crazy but that's how I build. When I buy the eggs I'll let you know the diameter. Thanks!
P.S. Thanks for your Slave 1 builds. They helped and inspired me greatly.


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I believe the actual Leggs eggs were available again at one point as part of a new marketing ploy for the brand


With that you will have the actual part used in the studio model to reverse engineer from

Looking on EBay for Leggs Eggs shows a ton of stuff

Here is a lot of 12 for $12.99

Thanks blakeh1. Is there any info on the size/diameter of these eggs?


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HH, a good 3 sided view pic would be awesome. Scale is not important. Just something to build from.

Thanks guys!

Hey, check out Rafael's scratchbuilt Y-Wing article over on Starship Modeler's site: http://www.starshipmodeler.com/starwars/rm_ywing.htm

He provides a link to his working drawings from there. It is what I'm using for my own 1/48 build project (which should conclude just about when the Bandai kit comes out...)

R/ Robert
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