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So I get this in the mail yesterday. Didn't realize this thing was so huge. (I know that's what she said) .I mean I knew it was big but... Anyway. I plan on converting this MR Version into the Red Jammer so I need to source a few kit parts starting with the rear detail on the starboard underwing aft section right behind the droidstrip section. Any ideas? Don't worry just found it . It's repeated all over the ship. I'll just cast it from there before I cut them off.


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If i recall correctly, although the MR is a pretty generic version of a Y wing, its loosely based around the detailing and dims of the Jammer, one thing that sticks in my mind is the shorter neck section?
Many of the Y experts dont frequant too much these days, another big reason so much has changed on the SS section (very sad) but im sure somebody could elaborate?
Dan Satterthwaite is the Y dude, what he dont know, aint worth asking IMO.

Yeah here's a lot of generic stuff on this one bit a few bits stick out on the jammer as well as the neck. You watch just as I finish this they'll release the damn kit.
That's OK. I'll show you the two SW illustrated reference books where I'm thanked in the credits. :D

*I* was going to say that. You EU-swallowing, wet-behind-the-ears, LFL-marketing-department Kool-aid-drinking puppy. I bet you actually believe that those ships in ROTS are the Millennium Falcon and the Tantive IV! :lol
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