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I am looking for XCOM Enemy Within Weapon Files, mostly the Plasma Rifle and Heavy Plasma Rifle as the Wife wants to go as an XCOM troop this year to Dragon*Con. Sadly, the weapon link in this thread: http://www.therpf.com/f24/xcom-enemy-unknown-within-armor-weapons-other-files-212947/#post3298027 does not work or else I would not be asking. I did not want to Necro an old thread. If I am wrong, I'll go necro it. Does someone have the obj files for them or does someone have them in PDO format?
Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for, but what do you mean by the Textures?
Well, the 3d models have textures applied to them so it actually looks like a weapon in game. These can provide additional details not present on the 3d mesh (buttons switches, logos etc) The mesh is only the shape of the weapon, the textures are what make it look like a functioning weapon. Some people require the final look of the weapon with every possible detail vs eyeballing it based on screenshots etc. For example, here are the plasma, and heavy plasma textures respectively:


  • AssaultRiflePlasma_DIF.jpg
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  • WP_BPHeavyPlasma_DIF.jpg
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