X2 Pyros Lighter now with video


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it might be easier to print off that great template that tim drake robin has and get it made into a transfer.


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ok what size should it be and how can i get it to be put on a transfer

There are quite a few companies that make water-slide transfer sheets that can be printed on. These are just like the decals you get with mass-production model kits, only they are blank sheets. Break out your local phone directory and call some model shops. These shouldn't be hard to find.

On the other hand, finding a computer printer that prints in white ink is quite difficult. I recommend breaking the gaphic up into two parts:

1) teeth and mouth

2) everything else

You'll need to buy two packs of transfere sheets, one in white and one transpartent. Print the red mouth with white negative space to make the teeth. Place that on the lighter first. Then print the black details on the clear transfer sheet and place that on the lighter over the red and white transfer.

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On second thought, just paint the red mouth and white teeth on the lighter, then do the "black details" transfer over that. I think that would be simplier.


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I might be able to cut this in adhesive vinyl. The parts are small so it is going to be a bitch to seperate the good vinyl from the waste "weed" but I will give it a shot.