X-wings in various camoflage

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by ViperDoc, Jun 24, 2005.

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    Thinking about the SW world and the story timeline, I got to wondering about what the various craft would look like if we took the stories and really applied logic to them. I mean, as a former fighter pilot, military hardware always undergoes changes and different paint schemes. WWII was a perfect example of an amazing aray of camoflage. I started thinking about all the different worlds that encompass the SW universe and I figure that as the rebellion went on, wouldn't the space craft be camolflaged to suit the environment? So I wondered, what would an X-wing or Y-wing, which abviously had atmospheric flight in mind, look like on Tatooine, a desert planet or on a jungle planet? With the Fine Molds kits, I could see some really cool possibilities. Enough to make me want to go out and buy some just to see what an X-wing in a 3 tone tane scheme or a jungle scheme would look like.

    On the same note it was neat to see in Ep III the various clone troopers with camo armor.

    Anyway, just some Fri. night rambling. If anyone has done this I'd love to see some pictures.

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    If I remember right, in the Wraith Squadron novels their X-Wings were painted in a gray lowvis paintscheme. Also when they were masquerading as the Hawkbats, a pirate group, they painted one of their stolen TIE Interceptors so it looked like it was damaged with it's engine out of alignment. I seem to remember that they painted another TIE with a fake cockpit on the rear. Then in New Jedi Order novels Han repainted the Falcon matte black so it was camo'd visually.
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    Over at the Starship Modelers forum someone is doing a Sand Speeder and someone modified some AT-AT's and made them into WWII German walkers.

    I plan to eventually do up a X-Wing like and F4U Corsair in blue to white.
    Like in my Rebel Legion Banner.
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    I once did a black grey and white star destroyer camoflauge. It actually turned out kinda cool.
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    ....that's a great idea....any pix or links????
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    Unfortunatly the thread seems to have fallen off the board.
    They are however mentioned in this thread so hopefully the link will be re posted.


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