X-Wing Red 2 reference images?

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I've gotten my hands on a recreational 3D model based off of the CG X-Wings seen in the special edition of ANH, which were supposedly scanned off of Red 2 and probably refined later on
I have started to use it as reference for my own project but I'm having a few problems with some aspects of the afformentioned recreation, particularly in regards to the decals and certain wonky proportions in it, not to mention the paintjob for certain areas for the textures were edited to more closely resemble Red 5
It's immensely baffling to me how low the ammount of reference there is for this particular ship despite how popular it is.


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There are quite a few good photos in the japanese Star Wars Chronicles book. Unfortunately, it's been sold out for a while. Even on ebay it's hard to come by, and when it does show up, it's like double the price

Edit : Careful, there are two Japanese Chronicles, a regular one, easier to find, and one dedicated to vehicles, that's the one I'm talking about.

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