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I was thinking of putting this in the junkyard. Can someone tell me the going rate for a Captain Cardboard/Salzo X-Wing kit please because I don't want to rip nobody off but then I don't want to be ripped off myself.
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Ebay seems full of "studio scale" X-wings right now, $300 and even less. They might not have the pedigree of something Salzo handled personally, but still many options for people.
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Pretty sure I bought this over 20 years ago now, but I'm pretty sure I got it fromm CC. How can you tell the difference between the versions. Here's a picture of the cockpit


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Yeah, Makes a BIG difference, is it SALZO? or is it CC?
CC have a bit of a following due to the History of it, even though as far as accuracy, its the probably on the bottom.

Salzo did some amazing work, and one of his versions had a Fuselage created by Morten Moeslund at one point that was based sorta on the Pyro...and sorta on the Hero. A bit of a Hybrid.
Those, also..due to the history and connection to the hobby AND the quality of castings, are worth the money.

When you have something connected to production, the price shoots up considerably. Like First version Pyron that was offered here years ago.
They go for 800 to 1000 if you can find them.

I need to ensure they do not drop in price once the Version 2 Pyro becomes available to honor the collectibility of it and respect the history like the previous two.

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How does one get in on this?


I haven't really followed the thread, but check this out.
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