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    Hi does anyone have any closeups of the white flak vest part of an X Wing Pilot costume? I want to try to make one but I am unsure what material to use, so if you know what is commonly used it would be a big help.

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    Plain ol' cotton.

    With the exception of a couple of jackets that were bought "off the rack" and modified slightly (Greedo, Luke's "dress" jacket while getting his medal) natural materials were used. Lucas specifically did not want the shiny sci-fi look.
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    Most people I know that have made that costume have used nylon.
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    Weird. I thought that I had posted, already ...

    The material is generally believed to have been coarse nylon. (Not rip-stop nylon or stiff nylon.)
    Coarse polyester might also work, but if the material is too thin you will have to double it up or it will be too transparent. I used a polyester shower curtain from IKEA for my flak vest (actually, I made four vests from one shower curtain)
    Most flak vests were replicas of a vest from a high-altitude suit, of which the original was also seen worn by a spaceman in the Cantina. The original is different in a few ways.

    You will also need white leather, a black adjustment buckle, two insertion locks, 1" and 2" (or 45 mm) wide white straps, and something to fill the ribs with -- most people use PVC tubes. I used batting for fill out the small ribs.

    I could send you a large ZIP-file with my collection of images if you PM me your email address.
    One thing you should be aware of is that the vest is worn one way in ANH but another way in ESB and ROTJ.
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    Nice that someone posted my tutorial and images.:unsure
    At least I got some credit this time.

    The originals where RAF Pressure vests made of heavy nylon material. (I'm still looking for some)
    They where also used in an episode of Dr Who and some other Sci Fi movie (can't remember the name)

    Extra vests that where made for Empire had more of a plastic backing with a nylon face, I think it's Zev's vest that you can see the blue alignment marks for the ribbing

    In Empire they also wore the vests backwards.

    The black and grey one at the bottom of the page is my custom CORSEC vest.

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