X-Wing overload...


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I've been OD-ing on X-Wings recently. I knocked the Fine Molds X together first but wasn't happy with it after using decals ('cos I was too lazy/strapped for time to paint). Superb kit, but I didn't do it justice. Airbrush didn't touch this one - all done with pastels.

Just finished the old MPC jobbie and am much happier with that one despite it being an absolutely rubbish kit. Artoo unit is rubbish and unpainted ATM. Guns need fixing too :(







Fine Molds:





Hard to believe that is the MPC kit up there.. I have one in parts here, never even got around to starting once I saw the kit inside.. :lol

The FM version looks great though! I'd love to have one painted up nicely like that..


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Well, all things considered, both kits turned out quite well. The thing I always love about paint is you can do all sorts of blending effects with it that can't be as easily done with decals. Plus, matching to the exact decal color can be tough. That isn't to say that paint will ALWAYS be superior to decals, but both techniques have their uses.

I love the work you did on both ships BTW.

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What you have done with the AMT kit is outstanding. You've shown a great paint job really does do this kit justice.

Simply stunning.


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Looks awesome! I'm thinking about building an X-Wing next. Torn as to whether to go 1/72 or 1/48 scale. Really want to do a trench run diorama, and Fine Molds seems to be the kit to get.

Anyone have a size comparison of the different scales?
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