X Wing Hero Series - Australia - Target - $49

Junk Pilot

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even the link you provided says $99. now i'm nowere near a target (I live in the Netherlands) but i think there are a lot of people who would like to know where to find one for $49.



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okay, that is weird......I saw them in Target Springwood Qld Australia and they were $49, they had about 5 of them by the checkout, not in the toy isle. When I went to the site were I got the link above, that link when I posted it above did say they were $49....so I guess they changed their minds or sold out or...I don't know.....weird.

Junk Pilot

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Maybe it was an error. Anyway, Amazon is STILL our best option. I checked it this morning and you can get it now for less than $60 AUD posted.
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