X-Wing fine molds 1/48 - An other one...


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Hi all,

I want to show you my new X-wing 1/48 by fine molds, the best x-wing in the non scaled kit.
I know, there are lots of x-wing, but this one, I like it because there is light!!!
I hope you will like the pictures




For more information about it, follow the link clicking on the picture.

thank you for looking
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Well done.
It's a solid build, I was planning to do the same thing when I got around to building mine.
Too many other projects on the bench at the moment.
I've really come to appreciate a build that's not too dirty, not too clean.
Perfect balance if you ask me.
Oh, and lights put it over the top.


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Thank you!!!

I have a star destroyer too:lol and I willmake picture for a review soon

Have you picture of your model kit? if yes give me link by MP


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Looks really good and I am going to to either start this build myself or start my y-wing. The lights look great was this a fx kit or something you put together. I am torn after reading the thread on star ship modeler site on if I should try doing my own lights or going with a kit. I just ordered the FM falcon and will def get the light kit for that build.


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A friend built this one for me, he don't buy a light kit.
He bought optic fiber and LED.

Good luck for your falcon, it is a great model kit!!
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