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Ok...first of all, forgive the following noob questions;

Is the studio scale X-Wing cross-section slightly rounded? Or is it basically angular, much like the full size prop build out of plywood? The canopy is quite angular and I've seen both types of models that have the sharp angles of the canopy "mate up" with the angles of the fuselage, and those where there is more of a rounding as you get closer to the nose.

Another question...Studio Scale model aside, what do you think the standard would be to the above questions if this fictitious model was real.



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Strange that all of the X-wing modelers out there have a closed lip about this.
Anybody? It's an opinion modelers.



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I'm actually avoiding X-wing threads at the moment. Overload, you know? :lol

It is basically angular, with some fillets. The canopy mates with sharp angles on the fuselage and these round off progressively towards the nose.

It is a very deliberate design feature which requires work and a careful eye to get right. This is why (to me at least) all large-scale models and mockups which have a sharp edge all the way to the front look wrong.
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