X-Wing 1:49 ultimate conversion with 3D-print parts


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Hey folks!

After having tested different methods on my Red2-conversion I am now finally going to build an ILM hero-style X-Wing in 1:49 - as a conversion from the Fine Molds kit.

See here for my Red 2 -conversion: Converting the Fine Molds X-Wing model kit into ILM style hero model RED 2 - YouTube

With the help of my friend "ChrisGFX" we are able to have all the EXACT kit parts of the ILM studio model 3D-printed in almost any scale we want.

So - after a lot of research, especially on each of the unique hero X-Wing features we'll be able to convert the Fine Molds kit into any of the famous ANH X-Wings.

Here's my prototype build - a Red Five:

I started with the upper fuselage.
Apparently, Fine Molds used the big X-Wing model for reference on the fuselage, so there has to be some modifications done to the kit fuselage to match the ANH X-Wings shape.

In this case, I made a wooden dummie where I put the upper fuselage on and heated it carefully with a hairdryer until it could bend easily over the wooden dummie. Although the dummie looks a bit crappy, it works perfectly. After cooling down the part was almost correct in shape:

The lower fuselage is the tough job with this kit. There is just no way to bend or modify this kit part to finally match the wanted shape.
So, for this prototype I built the lower fuselage from scratch.
Our plan is to have these vacuformed in styrene - just like the original ones. Casting them wouldn't make any sense due to the different panel lines, chips and position of the torpedos on each X-Wing.


Next to the FM kit part:


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As I mentioned before - the shape of the upper fuselage was almost correct...
It needs another mm stripe in the droidstrip area.
The kit's droidstrip is too small compared to the rest. So another mm width and 3 mm length were needed.


upper and lower fuselage glued together and the 3D-printed droidstrip test-fit.

the new scratchbuilt back was a real pain and still not 100%. So, our next 3D-printed backplates will have the complete walls of the backplate with it.



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Some sanding, re-scribing panel lines, glueing chips and re-designing the nose later,... the fuselage looks like this. Note the position of R2 is layed back on Red 5 - compared to Red 1 and 3.


Here is the new backplate - compared to the kit part: Note the typical "box" on the left side (Red 5 only) and the turned back cover:


The new canopy frame. Built from 0.75 mm styrene + 0.3 mm for the inner edge. We are planning to have these canopy frames in lasercut styrene for more building comfort and even better accuracy. Each of these were slightly different on each of the hero X-wings.


the side covers were unique too on the X-Wings. Unfortunately I didn't have too much good reference on the Red 5 side covers.



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Next will be the wings - also some work to do.
But gladly we got some 3D-printed parts here as well.

Here is a picture of the Saturn V-parts - compared to the kit parts:


and there are some more. Engine nozzles, heatsink part for lasercanon, lasercanon-mount, ...

Stay tuned!

Darth Brass

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That's totally awesome - is there a way to 'de-fuzz' the parts? Don't get me wrong, TOTALLY totally cool, just that one thing that's bothersome for my eye...


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Wow! Marko!
This is just the beginning of the new X-WING era!:thumbsup

Thanks! Yes, it is! Long years there has only been the AMT models, then Fine Molds, and now Fine Molds 2.0 :lol

That's totally awesome - is there a way to 'de-fuzz' the parts? Don't get me wrong, TOTALLY totally cool, just that one thing that's bothersome for my eye...

We are currently checking for new methods and testing different companies. Just checking the possibility to have these parts done as injection-molded parts in styrene. More expensive, but langer quantities and plug-and-play!

This is so sick, I love it! Wish you could offer it in kit form, seeing your builds makes it impossible for me to buy the FM kit! :lol

Patience my young apprentice! These will be offered as conversion kits for the Fine Molds Xwings. Tests on the 1:72 kit have begun the moment we talk.
Unfortunately all this takes lots of time and money cause we want perfect results.


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Happy new year everybody!

Okay, the wings...

I'll focus on the engines and the lasers here. Of course there are some minor things to do besides that.
For example, the engine"boxes". These are slightly off shape. But I decided to leave them alone. The difference would be barely noticable.

Since I replace the comple engine interieur I used 0.7mm styrene for seperating the upper from the lower engine parts.
I believe that they used 1.5mm styrene on the original ones, so 0.7mm would be a good match for 1:49.


the Saturn-V-halves. For the hero models, the interieur reaches further into the wings, so the inside of the Saturn V-halves need to be sanded:


Moreover, the very front edge needs some adjustment, too:


And this is how that whole thing looks when put together:


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Outstanding work! I'd say it's as close to the studio model as it gets, much much better than the original FM shape.


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Time for some update on this one:

The wings need an extra 1.5 mm . So I fit these in from scratch.

Here is our 3D-printed new engine nozzle prototype next to the kit part.
The final ones will have a smoother surface.


… and here our laser mount. Completely different than the kit part.


The new engine nozzle attached to the engine.


Here you can see the complete engine with primer. Amazing how studioscale it looks! Only my hand in the background can tell the real size.



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Painting mask for the markings.
With Model-Forces we will offer corrected decals as well as pre-cut painting masks for the different X-Wings.
These are self-made:


basic color is applied and some of the textured areas already painted.
Before the grey coat is applied, the colors look so shiny...


and this is after the coat of grey + some dirt and smoke. Pilot and R2 still missing.



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Guys,... I NEED HELP!!!

I was quite sure with the paintjob of my X-Wing until I discoverd this picture on the Bluray Specials:


That looks like Red 5 left in the foreground. But the colors are way different than on all the reference I have seen so far.
Red and light blue look fine, but...
There is this yellowish on the nose and lower fuselage...

Who can help???
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