X-Men Wolverine Claws - FOX COA


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Hi All

Can someone advise. I have a set of wolverine claws that I have been advised are genuine with a numbered fox COA. Does anyone know how I can verify this with Fox Archives? They are mounted on an unusual base of hugh Jackman's gloved x-men hands crossed and they come with rubber grip bars etc. They are very well made with micro allen bolts etc holding the claws to the mounts. As usual they came via a friend of a colleague of an associate etc who worked on the film (haven't we all heard that before!). I've had them for ages, but am curious of the origin.
Any ideas?

I can't say anything about the authenticity, but I have a display that sound exactly the same that I got off ebay a decade ago (or feels like it). The Claws are removable from the display and you can slide them onto the grip bar and tighten the allen bolts?

I'd take a photo if I was at home.
Take some detailed photos and post them up. Or if there are any imperfections on them that are subtle, you can try and painstakenly try and match it up with screen shots from the movie(s).
I'll try and post some pictures, but it sounds like we could have the same ones! Yup, the gloves are gold piped with the x on them. Where are they from? Are they of any value?
Thanks for the replies
They were sold as a replica prop back when the first film was released. They are few and far between now. As far as I know, they will fetch a good price on eBay, anywhere from $100-200 starting bid.
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