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X men Days of Future's past Wolverine costumes


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Hey folks. I'm a Wolverine costumer/cosplayer and I've been thinking in doing the armor'd version of the Wolverine in Days of Future's past. HOWEVER, I can't find the shirt or materials Fabric patern that he wore. Has anyone worked on that film, or would have access to that material, etc. Any help would be appreciated. (I've attached the pic)

Also, I do the 1970's version, but I' don't have the right shirt, its the same color, and its got an acceptable pattern on it, but I'd love to find the right fabric for that. (pic attached) etc.


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I think Dan is working on the correct shirt.....Sometime soonish...He's gotten a load of the fabric in, I know that, and is juggling things to work it all out...

I'm heading back to the UK in July and will be able to pick up some then as well I suspect..Although getting it all made into the shirt will be a bit of an effort on this side, I suspect..Still....It's a start.....

Keep an eye on his website....He'll have them up there when he's gotten something he can sell together....
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