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I was watching X-Men 2 again the other day and realised I've never seen any replicas of the carphone seen in the film.
I also couldn't find any information on the original prop, it doesn't seem to have come up at auction, although I could be wrong about that, and would be happy to be corrected, ideally with some pictures. :)
Here's a screengrab of the phone.

I did think about making a replica but I have quite a bit on the go at the moment and would need some reliable dimensions before I thought about starting.
AWESOME! I seriously thought I was the only one interested in this prop. :D
Maybe if there's enough interest, others can chime in with dimensions or info on the phone. This one has been sitting in the back of my mind since '03 as a holy grail item, but no one seemed to be interested.
If I were to take a stab at the dimensions I would say 2" by 4" and open would extend another .5 to .75 inches. But I could be wrong. What materials were you considering working with. I would love it in actual CNC machined metal and real hex screws! Screen accurate with the blue hue, as well. ;)

*crosses fingers*

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Oww that would cool!!.. I second the CNC and anodized to the blue hue.. titanium would be awesome! but i'd settle for alu:p

Lets keep talking about this until some one makes it:D..even an expoy resin would do.

...screw it im 3D modelling this thing!:p
I think the blue hue is just the lighting in the car, I'm pretty sure Logan uses is again at Bobby's house and it's just the brushed Aluminium finish.
I'd consider scratchbuilding one, but wouldn't like to do so without accurate dimensions and reference, as plastic is getting more and more expensive.
Perhaps someone with 3D modelling skills could knock one up and send the design to Shapeways?
i remember always wanting to bash my own x phone after seeing that on film. one of the few things i like about the X films. it reminded me of a fancy star tac phone from motorola for some reason. would be cool to CNC then cram some bluetooth stuff in it lol.
i remember always wanting to bash my own x phone after seeing that on film. one of the few things i like about the X films. it reminded me of a fancy star tac phone from motorola for some reason. would be cool to CNC then cram some bluetooth stuff in it lol.

A-Men. A huge plus if not only would it spring open, but to actually be used a functional device. I say a nerd dream come true. Screw the McFly Nikes, this is where it's at! :cool
I knew there was a shot of the inside of the phone somewhere in the film, nice work Tee.
Good luck to those scratchbuilding this, remember to post pictures.
I also have the sound of the phone opening and closing should anyone feel adventurous enough to attempt to make a pop-up version with space for sound!
That would be pretty adventurous:p

Has anyone tried a rough scaling of this? Even an overall length based on hand size or some other ref size... those bolt/screws look to be M2.5 SHC screws
I would fork over a paycheck for one that working version that had bluetooth in it.
I'm about to go into cardiac arrest just thinking about it. Did I mention this was holy grail of small props? The RX8 it popped out of would be be the big holy grail. Screw the batmobile this one automatically plays the Backstreet Boys. :lol

Tee, Jaybible, RM, it sounds like you three should team up for an epic build!

Bluetooth + pop-out feature + SA sound effect + metal parts = friggin' best day of my life.
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Since i moved to Australia yesterday all I have is my solidworks and 3dsMAx so i think my next project will have to be a 3D model:p
Nooooooo! That kind of sucks.

Hey Tee, or anyone else for that matter have any other screen caps of the phone/communicator to share or add so we can have more reference help to get the ball rolling. If there's enough initerest, I may take on this project in some fashion if no one else can. I will be needing or asking lots of help though, as this would be my first time dabbling in an intricate prop. ;)
Yeh no tools and starting all over again does suck:(

I'd be more than happy to make a start on the solid modelling. All i need is like 1 or 2 definate dimensions to scale everything to. I have a HD copy of X2 so im not short on ref material. Althought more would be so handy!
OH MY GOD! :eek Thank you so much, Tee. I wasn't expecting a reply back let alone frame by frame reference photos. :love

And some decent shots of the Red Monkey watch, I have so coveted, and recreate. :)
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So it looks like 3 major parts. One center piece and two outside floater pieces that are spring loaded. I cannot tell if it's metal, but I'm convince that if it is, it's aluminum.

It's not crappily put together, as those look like real hex screw and the brushing on the top/outside when it pops out from the RX8 radio console looks like it would be either a good paint job or actual metal. I noticed the simple button switch on the side (viewed as top when it first pops out). So that should be easy. As for mechanics, it seems tight inside, no slop or play on the slide.

For dimensions (which I'm horrible at) by eyeing Hugh's hand seems to be:

Length closed: 4.0
Length open: 5.0
Width: 2.5

Does anyone agree disagree with the details? Plase feel free to add to the list.
Wow some very nice quality images:D.. im def deleting the standard res ones i took!

I would say they cast the shape for the movie but it was supposed to be aluminium, which i think it should be made of cos that would be awesome:)

There are a few options for the spring loaded system.. i think one a model is done up a system can be designed around it..maybe a lil rack system with springs, nothing too complicated. I shall draw it up if anyone isnt sure what im talking about:)

As for the dimensions, i'd be happy to agree with those. I mean its probably 2.4 and 5.2 or something silly like that but i think you've got the ball part dimensions... Knowing if the hex bolts are 2 or 2.5 will be a big help in scaling it.
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