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Y'all may be able to help me. I am currently making a WWII Captain America costume and my idea is to use a paratrooper jacket
in blue. I tried to dye one (just a piece) and it didn't work. If anyone could help me source a pattern for one of these jackets so I can make it in blue that would be awesome. Or if anyone has other ideas I would really appreciate that as well.
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You might be better off purchasing the china version and modifying that like a lot of people have done on here. Personally, I would start from scratch using a blue herringbone twill fabric. However, I understand that not everyone sews and that fabric is very difficult to find in the right color. You could also attempt making your own patterns. Most of the time, I will purchase a light colored long sleeved shirt from a thrift store or even an existing pattern from my local craft or fabric store and design the pattern on that. From there you can just cut out the pieces and if you want you could even trace and cut them out onto posterboard or cardstock to make them easier to trace on fabric.
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