WWII British Military - NO2 MK5 - 1" Flare pistol

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Up for sale is a vintage WW2 era, British No2 MK5 flare pistol. The grip has seen better days, but besides that it's fully functional.
This piece of history sat in a drawer for 60+ years. Marked with the makers code 'BE', it was manufactured in WW2 by I.L. Berridge & Co, who were a commercial knitting machine manufacturer. Berridge made over 200,000 examples of this particular flare pistol during the war. They were issued to RAF, Navy and the army. This example is broad arrow with a distinctive lug on the left side of the barrel. This design is most commonly associated with the RAF who used the lug to lock the pistol into the air crafts fuselage before firing.

Price not set in stone - I am open for any offers on this piece

Open to Domestic buyers only, UPS ground only. Responsibility of the buyer to make sure they can receive this device in their state.

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