WW2 US Army mannequin . (Saving Private Ryan) Captain Miller's Uniform


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I really want to build a full body mannequin of Captain Miller from Saving Private Ryan.
I am having trouble identifying his uniform and his gear.
Can anyone help me by listing his uniform and gear?
I want to build the real deal. I know it will take a while but i do not want reproduction pieces.
Thank you very much in advance.


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AtTheFront.com, wwiiimpressions.com, there's plenty of sites out there. the main thing is the Assault vest (rare, but repros are being produced), Thompson with mag pouches, standard M1 Helmet (front seam IIRC). Most of the costumes were auctioned off or are available, just google.


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I am afraid that getting all of the necessary original gear would be extremely difficult and as a US WW2 collector, I think it is unlikely that you will find many things like the assault vest. The clothing and equipment used in the film was likely brought from somewhere like Soldier Of Fortune. They are UK based and is likely that this is where a lot of stuff was purchased because it was mostly filmed in the UK too. They are the suppliers of the equipment and clothing from "Fury" and did a lot of the Band Of Brothers stuff too. Their stuff is pretty damn accurate and will save hundreds, I mean hundreds of Pounds/Dollars. It can't be too difficult to weather and age to give the desired look.In regards to a helmet, I would look on JMurray1944. He is likely to have a good helmet in Saving Private Ryan style.
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