WW2 Captain America Helmet


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So for Boston Comicon I decided to go as WW2 Captain America, I accidentally bought a ton of real steel M1 helmets (WW2 to Vietnam era) so I decided to dress them all up. I'm looking for opinions and any commentary any of you guys may have, I'm pretty new at this, so any opinions would be welcome. They're not fully done, and there's still some touch ups to be done but I'm pretty happy with them

20140520_220146.jpg 20140520_220205.jpg 20140520_220212.jpg


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Those are ww2 front seam, swivel bail helmets which if restored to ww2 condition are worth around £150 maybe more. Just saying. Look on JMurray1944 for info. I made mine out of a post-war cheap belgian helmet so that I wasn't damaging anything precious. Sorry to say this but as a US ww2 restorer and re-enactor it is one of my pet peeves. : |
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