WW2-1/2 TNT prop

The Old Maker

New Member
hey dudes on the previous post i asked for a ww2 tnt label to make a prop . thanks to @terryhimself that shared the label i made the tnt blocks and wrote a tutorial on instructables if you are interested in such things or you want to make yourself one go to the site down below


Here is the picture of what i made

The Old Maker

New Member
my appreciation bro , have fun and make your props :D
btw you can make satchel charges with these models but you need a bag like these
and please share this printable file as much as you can it is not free on the internet and i want people to have free access to it .


Sr Member
I have a few originals of these, given to me under the table by a Belgian EOD guy who found them near Ypres (and was shocked as he rarely found anything from WW2 there as they didn't fight over that ground much in WW2). They're stripped of the contents, but they're crazy rare.

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