Wukong League of Legends

Re: New to this, tips and tricks?

Wow. That's really helpful, the video, I'll have to see if I can find some K'nex.

The belt and pants thing are still kind of a problem.
Re: New to this, tips and tricks?

Make it sturdy

If you have pieces sticking out and away from your body you can count on one thing for sure...

Little kids and a**holes will constantly be pulling and yanking on it.
Im actually in the process of making my own Wukong costume variation (more of a demon hunter monkey king). seeing yours really helped me visualize it a lot better. I think I might skip the tail aspect for reasons that aron42486 stated.
I have done one that You guys may like it's more from The actual character than a video game version though!

These are the different stages they went in from beginner to present in a 3 - 4yr. span!

And yet? This is still NOT MY FINAL FORM!
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