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Star Wars WTF Sand trooper Armor/Helmet Built.

Sold for 1100 USD
US only please. SOLD AWAITING PAYMENT, tomorrow6/24
For a thinner trooper.
Selling my son's Walts Trooper Factory Armor and Helmet,plus extras. He is too into his car and girls to dress up so, WTF armor and helmet with Extreme racing underbody suit from the UK, Leather TK boots, size 9, everything in photos ready to wear. The build was for a Sandtrooper but most of the armor has not been weathered. Build is accurate clamshell build, rivets snaps etc. Helmet has padding and ready to troop, and I should say my son only did a test fit, he never trooper, sad but they get older.....
Price includes US shipping if you want to pick it up (Santa Clarita Ca) I'll refund you $100.00,
Stone was 5'9" and around 145 lbs when we took these pictures.

$1100.00 shipped in the US
$1000.00 picked up in Santa Clarita Ca 91350

Hit buy it now to get it.


  • WTF armor 1.jpg
    WTF armor 1.jpg
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  • WTF armor 4.jpg
    WTF armor 4.jpg
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  • WTF armor 2.jpg
    WTF armor 2.jpg
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  • WTF armor 3.jpg
    WTF armor 3.jpg
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  • WTF armor 5.jpg
    WTF armor 5.jpg
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  • WTF Helmet 1.jpg
    WTF Helmet 1.jpg
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  • WTF armor 6.jpg
    WTF armor 6.jpg
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  • WTF Helmet 2.jpg
    WTF Helmet 2.jpg
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  • WTF armor 8.jpg
    WTF armor 8.jpg
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  • TD Stone 1.jpg
    TD Stone 1.jpg
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  • TD Stone 2.jpg
    TD Stone 2.jpg
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Looks nice. Did you build this yourself?
Yes I did, I've been in the 501st for over 10 years, and have built a few for myself but this one I did the correct way, as they did in ANH, I slowly followed a few threads measuring where rivets go and what rivets to use et. It would be a fantastic display on a mannequin also.

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