WTB: Roy Scheider lifecast!!!


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Hey all -
I've emailed these guys five times and even placed an order. While money has not changed hands, I can't get a speck of response from these people.....


They say they don't deliver overseas so I guess than alienates you folks in the US - I was wondering if anybody has had any dealings with these guys - Since they are Germany based I can't just pick up the phone for a chat :angry

The reason I'm so keen?

This is a holy grail for me. I need one to complete my SeaQuest display..
Any help or insight would be appreciated...


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You could try phoning them, their phone number is on the site. It always amazes me how many Germans speak perfect English, when the best I can do is find out where the tourist information office is and order a beer.

Even if you only get a German speaker, you've at least confirmed that they exist.


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Not sure if I would deal with those guys. They mainly buy stuff on ebay and recast and resell it. They even used a photo from Thomas' Hollywood Hardware site without his permision. So I am not sure if what you see is what you get.

Last time I looked at their site, they had a "disclaimer" on the site saying that they consider the actor's likenesses they sell "public domain".



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I'd steer clear.

I collect lifemasks as well, and all the pics of their "Products" are all ripped from eBay or other sites. Not one original pic of their product anywhere, and to top it off, thier prices aren't that hot, either.

Granted, I haven't seen that Roy you're looking for, but that's not to say that it's not available from a reputable dealer right here in the good ol' USA. I'd do som e more digging if I were you.

Just my 2 cents



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Thanks guys - Appreciate the thoughts.
Still no contact from them, so it does look like a dead end :(

So here goes the shout out -
Anybody who has a Roy Scheider lifecast PLEASE get in touch.
Thanks to all.