Wristblades and Conventions

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Emperor Chaos

New Member
I'll be attending a convention soon (mostly for anime and japanese culture). As far as I know, this convention has not had a predator before nor have I seen very many costumes like predator (I.e. with so many weapons and such. They allow weapons but sheathed only and they deal with weapons on a case by case basis on the day of the convention) I'm mostly concerned about the wristblades. I originally wanted them fully functional and made a pretty good set but I'm wondering now if I should tone it down (i.e. make it non-functional) or use another material. I am also having issues with it being way too heavy. I made my last ones out of C-1515 (Extra from another project) and they're a bit too rubbery and look silly. Looking for something else.

So, first of all, functional or non-functional? Also, does anyone have any idea about what kind of materials to make the wristblades out of, not only for con-safety but for the weight (Was kind of thinking of shaping pieces of plexiglass. Time consuming but light. Anyone try this before)?

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I don't know if you've ever been to a con, but they can be pretty crowded. Getting through the crowd is hard enough in shorts and a t-shirt, nevermind in any kind of costume. Especially a Pred.
After my first con wearing a Batman costume, I had to make a new cape that was a little shorter, having had my first one stepped on a half dozen times. And it didn't even touch the ground.
Safety needs to be a must. you don't want to accidently poke anyone with anything. Though the functional blades are wicked, it could present a problem. Having a handler with you could make things easier. to guide you around and watch your back.
I designed my blades with con safety in mind. I used a styrene base with foamies over it and checked each point to make sure it wasn't sharp. They may not look the best but they achieve the look I wanted and are stiff but flexible.
So I say either non functional or fixed with a safe material.


Sr Member
And remember the further they stick out the more care you will have to take. I know I want to set my static blades as far out as possible because it looks the coolest. Unfortunately doing that I will run into the same type of problems cujo66 mentioned with capes. I know at my first con I busted my ESB Fett flamethrower b/c of how far it stuck out. You also don't want to poke some kid in the eye. The children (if they are not freaked of you) are right at that level where you can't see them with your mask or bio on, so you want to insure that you don't accidentally eviscerate some poor child that just wants a picture.


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Know what made me check all the points for sharp tips? I scratched my own kid.
You damage your own kid, no one to give you any trouble. But someone else's kid....


New Member
The thing to remember about cons and wristblades is just that...the other people around you and especially kids. Those sharp pointy things are usually head level to children. Remember that. Myself and most SDCC hunters were resin blades with them sumwhat retracted and we are very careful with our arm movments. Hurting a kid would make me hang up my suit permanently.

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Animatronic blades scare the heck out of me, as Im always concerend what if they shoot out at the wrong time and hurt someone, by knocking a switch of someone else activating them (as hands do wander at cons), and for that reason would never have them on my suit.
I tend to have my blades stick out no further than roughly the ends of my finger tips as I feel it is easier to control them as we all no how far things are away from our hands. I also wouldnt have sharp or metal blades, always round sharp edges off, they still look asa good without the worry.


Sr Member
I've cut my blades out of ABS and they are pretty rounded at the tip and (of course) not sharpened, just beveled. I have them activate with a string and will not ‘launch’ without it being pulled with some intent. They also don’t have force during its full travel. I'm afraid of the electrically actuated versions too. Which is one reason I went with a string. I’ve got my fingers crossed that mine will work well for the Phoenix CC.

After seeing the SDCC video and the blades snagging on a ladies dress, I’m trying to keep those types of snag hazards out of the way too. With mine retracted they have one point out.

My unfinished blade gauntlet:

Ei luj

New Member
The ones I use in the silver and black armor gaunt have a small spring in them, but theres a dual catch in back to lock them retracted. They're made out of a couple layers of car mudflap covered with silver tape.

The ones for my AVP armor are resin, and set all the way back, they don't pop out.



Well-Known Member
I have aluminum blades in mine that are semi-sharp at the tips only. That being said, I made it a ppoint to expand my "presence" and basically clear everyone around me. I only had trouble when taking pictures as people tried to pose around them.

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New Member
Depends on what your costume is comprised of. Superglue is a must. I keep a baggy on me with safety pins, superglue and needle and thread. I bring my hot glue gun with me and keep it in the room and also touch up paint. Figure what ever you used to put your suit together, bring some of it to put it back together should something malfunction.
2 years ago at DragonCon the zipper on my boots busted when I stepped out of the hotel room. Plan for the worst case scenerio, your whole suit falling apart. But most likely you'll just bring some stuff you won't even need.

Naasad Tal

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All of my blades are made of wood for Con purposes. I doubt very much that they would even allow metal blades. I use just 1/4 craft wood from Lowes. it works VERY well...havnt made wristblades outta the stuff but sword, spear & "Claws" are all wood. I agree with Bovine hurting a kid at a Con would be the worst (I'm a father & couldnt bear to hurt my own kid, leta lone someone elses), so my Con blades are more than likely gonna be static & only stick out just barely past my out-stretched fingertips. now for a Costume contest or an sdult costume party, all bets are off!! retractable blades all the way!!!

P.S. that is a GREAT kit Bovine, thanx for that

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