Wristblade Mechanism Finally Soved?


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If there's one thing we've all wanted as hunters, it's a truely functional wristblade. I've seen a lot of great ideas, and decided to look into something of my own. I am one who wants to avoid using any kind of batteries or anything which may be inconvinent at a later date, but the question was how... Well I think I may have finally stumbled on to a solution which if works correctly, may be a great asset to everyone. I wracked my brain, and finally looked towards, of all things, the hidden blade, made famous in the Assassin's Creed games. By technical definiton, the wristblade gauntlet is more properly known as a Xiphoid, which are known to have either a single action (either retracting automatically, or extending automatically, not both) or, a double action (which does exactly what we a want). Well, I've found some templates, and studied the mechanics of the DA OTF knives (double action out the front), and found that the internal components, once fabricated, are surprisngly simple. Soooo, long story short, I will attempt to fabricate one set mysef. I have already dremmeled a blade out of 1/2" thick mdf board. The rest of the parts that need to be made will be made from 1/4" mdf board, glued, cut, and sanded to the proper thickness and specs as needed. As I am working through this project, I will post my progress. Also I will be trying to explain, for those who are unfamiliar with xipoids and DA OTFs, just how they work, in case nobody really feels like looking on google. Wish me luck!


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Hey Razielhunterx I have also taken one of those OTF knifes apart. They are pretty simple but for the gauntlet application it might be tough to do. The OTF knives require you to move the blade a certain percent in either direction to place some tension on one of the 2 springs to fire it.. Just trying to do that on a gauntlet might be difficult to accomplish. Also when the OTF blade locks into either postion it actually is pulling a certain amount of tension on the spring that will pull it back. It all looks simple but it will take some very fine tuning. I wish you much luck on this project.


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I've been working on something like this for a while too. I'll start a new thread. Already have the prototype 3D printed and working. Working on acrylic next and then aluminum.
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