Wrist computer project


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I'm interested in buying this if it's available? I will pay anything for the electronic bomb gauntlet.

Thank you for your time!


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Dear friends, this time I'm not showing you something but I would like to spend few words about reputation.
Sometimes people are very nice with makers.
A gentleman from Texas gave me a deposit for a full wrist computer and 9 electronic sets, I've ordered components and done my job for him.
I spent all the deposit to buy the components and to manufacture professional circuit boards from a service, to offer him a highest quality product.
I sent him photos and he was happy, I told him that I was ready to ship. His last message was "let me pay it first", it was on 27/10/2016.
No more news from him since then.
Today I got a message from PayPal... he said that I didn't ship goods to him. Strange uh? In your opinion, what was I supposed to do?
I don't know what PayPal will say at the end, but I'm sure that in the future I'll accept payments only with "send money to friend or family" option or bank transfer.
I'm inviting people that purchased something from me to leave a feedback, if I've conned someone I'm sure that people will stay far away from me even with hand delivery.
I hope that you can understand me, I'm very disappointed


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Sorry to hear something like that happened to you. Those are precisely the reasons I haven't put anything up for sale outside of here, as I'm scared of being confronted with something like that.


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I bought one of your first wrist computers, had zero problems. I'm still waiting for you to market the cannon rig that tracks head movement :) did he maybe pay the wrong person? I've always checked right after a payment to ensure delivery....but this sounds weird that there was no conversation before he "reported" you


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Thank you for the feedback Vyrstolf. I think that he simply doesn't want them anymore and he's trying to get a refund of the deposit... but I really hope that I'm wrong.
For the cannon... have you seen last video? I would like to add sound effects, and maybe a bluetooth communication with an android app for its customization ;)


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You sir are a beast lol. I shared that wrist on Facebook and I got a ton of people asking me where I got it. They'd sell super fast.....there's really no equal on the market that I know of.


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Joe is right, I think everyone speaks about your gauntlets so highly, ;) you should sell them along with the suits me and Trellie do. Could work out probably a future collab? Pelletta? Huh? ;) Colab sound good? lol


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Wow! WOW about your amazing work and, sadly, wow about this guy from Texas - hope it all works out.
The gauntlets are amazing!
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