Wrist computer project


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Hi all, I have developed the electronic boards of the wrist computer for a friend and I decided to build my own bracelet. This is my very first project where I don't make only the electronic boards so I hope to get good results.
First of all I had to recreate my circuits in 3d and was not easy because I had to measure each component with a caliper to get the right dimensions.
That was a really important step because it lets me to model the external parts with good precision.
I don't have experience with clay or other techniques so I opted to build it in 3d. It may sounds insane but I'm going to buy a 3d printer this week and give it a try.
Updates coming soon


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First pictures, the source image:


and my version:


I will make electronics at first, 3d parts are still not definitive.
You can suggest improvements if something is wrong or could be better


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I was considering the prusa hephestos, but I have seen the manufacturer BQ is going to sell a new version, the hephestos 2.
I will take a decision when its price will be known to the customers.


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Thank you all, I hope to begin soldering today.
Unfortunately I am still waiting for the delivery of some components and I cannot start


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This video shows how my circuits work, I hope you like it.
As you can see there are two power connectors but I used only a battery pack.
When I will assemble the boards with the plastic parts if sound will be too low I can use a separate higher voltage battery for the onboard audio amplifier to get a louder sound



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Thank you, I'm very happy to see you like my works.
I have begun the printing of the first part to see if I have a good alignment with the boards.

After four hour I got a low resolution model and it was fine so I printed the definitive part.
It takes about eleven hours!
If you don't believe me, watch the display at the beginning, it says speed 80%, 50% completed, 5:53 time elapsed.


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