Wrist Com thingy idea


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Hokey dokey... So, this is my first post (be gentle). First I want to say that I should be locked up - THAT'S how much I'm into Predator... seriously, me fiance is ready to kill me... but she wants to do a costume too (Machiko of course...) ANYHOW I digress.

I got this Nokia N800 internet tablet from a friend recently, and thought, "hey! that's touch sensitive... and it would appear I can moddify it!" (it's open source OS).
So, here's my plan: I'm going to make a casting that it can be put into for a Yautja Self destruct wrist-comm and see where this goes...
Primarily I'll be using 1/2 inch insulation foam to sculpt, then cast it later when I get my Smooth-On, er, on.

Any advice/well wishing/orders if it all works out* will be GREATLY appreciated.

*I kid, I kid. :D

Oh, and Uratz... you sir, are a pred-GOD!

pill baxton

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Welcome to the lair! Your idea sounds interesting,If you could post some pics or sketches,that would be great.Im curious to see where you go with it.keep us posted.


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This sounds like a great idea and I'm sure everyone would like to see pictures.
Welcome to the Lair and good luck with the build.


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Hey thats not a bad ider you got going. I wish you good luck on your build.. and Woo for your fiance (us human hunters gotta stick togeather ~_^) Its good to know Im not the only nut
in the Lair XD. eheheh keep us posted!
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