Wrist blades (full metal)


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started doing wrist blades with a powerful spring! but with a manual reset!











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I would be too scared to take those things out in public or to a convention though. You could really do some major damage to someone.

They look fantastic though!

Guan Thwei

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I might need to get a pair of these as well as a plastic version as well. That way I can swipe out one for the other whenever I need.

Guan Thwei

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Plastic blades are not suitable, because the spring is very powerful and it breaks the plastic!
The spring mech I was thinking of doing wouldn't be that powerful @ least I would hope not, but I always wanted steel blades anyway I did it. I think it looks cool if nothing else I will use just plastic ones poking out and that is it.


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now they are not exactly lightweight! when I've finished them, I think they will weigh about 1 - 1.5 kg!
What about the spring-if we take the weaker spring, it could easily prove to be unreliable. She quickly be stretched and the whole mechanism would be useless.
I about zombies, too much thinking! ))))))))
No! Blades do not for sale!


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Wicked work man, even asjus a display, Some thing like this , with the right housing, would definetely be a highlight to any collection!


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in the construction had to cut the different parts to facilitate weight! but the appearance and function remains the same! photo lay out .... not this week!

Max Wragg

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omfg! i see the comment "they look brutal" - I think that should read LETHAL ! as good as they are surely youre gonna get arrested wearing those ? amazing craftmanship....

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