Wrath of Khan Regula-1 Scientist Badge - parts identification help needed!


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I'm putting together a Carol Marcus Regula-1 costume for a friend and I thought I could pick the brains of some of the talented people on this board for advice on the one prop involved.

Each scientist has a similar chest badge. It appears to be a piece of clear textured plastic with several transparent colored plastic parts attached. Does anyone have any thoughts on finding or fabricating the assorted pieces needed to replicate this object? I've been wandering around local hardware stores and hobby shops, but I've been coming up empty handed. Knowing Star Trek, I suspect that these are exsisting items that were repurposed, rather than originally cast. I'm hoping that someone here will take a look and say "Oh, I know what that is!" :D

(Note: The badge with the green/orange piece is the actual Carol Marcus badge that I am replicating. The others are similar examples from other costumes.)


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