Would this bio fit a face mask


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I believe that one would be way too small. The only Mysteria bio that will fit a mask is the AVP scar, I think.


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If you see the modified version of Shockwolf's budget costume, he uses that helmet with a faceless undermask. Its pretty small for it, but its nothing ridiculous, especially for only 34.95
So if you really like that helmet's design, it wouldn't be a waste.
However, if you don't have any particular love for that bio, and are willing to pay more, you should get one that is meant to fit better.


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Thanks guys for help:) ive decided to buy it.Its quite cheap and comes with the working lasers.And i thought i could sculpt the same thing only bigger according to this one. Btw i thought like making a copy and adding a clay on it to make it bigger but save the proportions, would it be considered as an act of recasting? cose i dont realy want to piss somebody off :eek:
Thanks ;)


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So long as you're merely using it as an armature and completely covering it with clay I don't think any sensible man would accuse you of recasting, unless the clay is only 1/4" thick all over...;)


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I dont mind anyone reworking, resculpting, moding, changing, altering or what ever any of my work, your free to do as you please with what you purchase,,,the only time I've ever taken offence is when someone made the littlest change like added a new lazer shroud, made moulds and sold them continually, none of us hold any right over the franchise and I'd never claim to, but I spent a long time learning to do this stuff, alot of pateince time and money like all the prop builders and sculptors and it is annoying when someone comes along makes a mold just to make a few easy bucks..

I'd love to see what your do with it and im sure you'll enjoy creating something new and original yourself

Good luck with the project

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