Suggestion Would the staff consider not keeping the "Prop Parties" all in one spot?


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I was wondering if this is something the staff would consider. I myself have missed at least one prop party I would have loved to have attended but alas did not know about. If one doesn't remember to go to that section on a regular basis they miss out. Before it would just be out in the prop section so one would just see it and click on it (just for fun) and decide that it was something they could attend.
To me it's just an "out of sight, out of mind" kind of thing. I have no doubt that prop party attendance is lower than normal as a result. Myself, I was planning on having another one but I'm fearful that it will yield a low turnout due to lack of exposure. This could make the difference of new people who have never attended one (hence not thinking about checking that section) to suddenly wanting to go.
Anyway, just a thought.
I'm not a big fan of adding forums, but IMO a Prop Party forum would have a unique benefit...

For one I have grown to ignore 'sticky' post, if there is one way to get me to miss a post just 'sticky' it and for all intents it's invisible to me...

A Prop Party forum where each party has a single thread with the title that states the location, and date, to be started by the host and host only would IMO be more beneficial, one glance at the forum and you could see all upcoming events... Put a 30 day expire on the forum, so after the party is over it will simply drop off, no need for constant moderation... Heck even enable post starters in that forum the ability to lock the thread so if it's canceled or over they can clean up all by themselves...
The "generic" prop party sticky came about as the result of having eight sticky threads in the prop forum, and the number was growing. Admittedly, it probably has cost some participation as it's just not as noticeable with the single thread. However, our plan all along has been to have a dedicated prop party section that will be featured on the new "main page" once we upgrade to vb4. If you take a look at, you will see the main page concept in action. The prop party section and event calendar will be part of the overall avenues of information provided by the main page portal.
I have an idea! Instead of just editing the first post in the official stuck thread, why don't you guys make a new post every time a party is added/changed/deleted and then people can just subscribe to instant email notifications! :D
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