Would Han Solo's DL-44 blaster fit in Indiana Jones' holster


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My brother is working on an Indiana Jones costume, and I've been helping with ideas to make it more unique. One of the ideas is to hide a Han Solo blaster in the holster.
I just need to know if it would fit or if you'd have to modify the holster.

Rook 3

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You would have to cut away the right side of the holster, which would render the flap closure inoperable.
Plus, the overall dimensionality of the blaster compared to the Webley WG or even the Smith & Wesson
revolvers is totally different.

You'd be looking at an "inspired by" version flap holster which would be a total custom job. Do-able if
you preplan it well with some cardstock and tape to get the sizing correct. You should be able to find
an Indy "Raiders" style holster template online. I made my first indy holster that way before buying a real holster.
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