Worst "edited for TV' movies


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I was just flipping through channels the other day and came upon Fast Times at Ridgemont High on some network channel..MY GOD it is just about the worst hack job I have ever seen!!!! Why do they even try to make these hard R movies into television versions? The redubbing of most of them is beyond awful. Would ANYBODY actually watch these versions?

The other one that comes to mind that is cut and redubbed so bad its almost funny is Smokey and the Bandit...Simply horrendous!!!

Any other ones you can think of that are that bad?


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and on the other side, Sea of Love. they actually put back in about 15 mins of footage that really expanded the film.


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Ever see the TV version for inner space? It's probably the worst edited for TV movie ever made, and nothing has to do with censorship.

During the battle in the stomach, Tuck tells Jack to get nervous. When he says he saw something that he wasn't sure about, Jack shouts "A tumor?!" and it cuts the response from Tuck.

And when they're trying to find the chip to bring Tuck's pod back to normal size, they cut out the "Eat Me Drink Me" question and the line "Maybe it was drink me".


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Mallrats - Jason Mewes may have two lines that aren't completely dubbed over by someone who sounds nothing like him.


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Blazing Saddles, although it did add deleted scenes that were funny.
The campfire scene might actually be improved. The sound effects are gone, but you still see the pantomime. Comedy that isn't quite so explicitly on the nose is sometimes funnier.


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It depends on the channel, and even the time. Sometimes it's not bleeped and then next time it is.

Trinity say 'rats' instead of F%$#.

Fargo is hilarious. They must have gone through the "F" dictionary for words. 'Why do you foolish people try these feeble things?!!'