Worst casting decisions ever made in movies

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by NakedMoleRat, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. NakedMoleRat

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    Of course, the following is only my opinion.

    I got to thinking about the worst actors for movie roles and wondered what your thoughts were on the subject.

    For me the worst actor in a role ever was Margot Kidder in Superman the 1978 movie.

    I was nine years old at the time and when I saw her as Lois Lane, I thought to myself, isn’t Lois Lane supposed to be extremely pretty?

    Not only that, but she has a gravelly voice and a pretty flat figure.

    I felt she was just wrong for the role.

    What bad casting choices have you seen?
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  2. Laspector

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    While it is a great movie, I tend to agree with you on that Lois Lane point. Never found Margot attractive at all. However, personality wise she had the role down pat.
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  3. doppelganger

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    True, but......Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane in Superman Returns beats Margot Kidder hands down. Now if we are talking about really bad casting then surely its got to be Ben Afleck......In Anything.....As Anything.

    He was barely tolerable in Armageddon.... but,

    Jack Ryan?......No
    Dare Devil?........No
    Bruce Wayne?.........No
    Batman?........Oh Hell No.

    NO NO NO!!!!

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  4. ALLEY


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    Alden “What’s His Name” as Han Solo...

    “‘Ima’ driver...’Ima’ flyer...

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  5. oblagon

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    Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Ben Aflack as Batman
    Jared leto as Joker
    Will Smith in everything
    Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern
  6. The Searcher

    The Searcher Well-Known Member

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    Not even in Good Will Hunting or The Accountant?
    I know the latter isn’t great, but it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.
    I think the worst casting decision ever was the entire cast of Troll 2.
    But I still love it.
  7. gedmac66

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    Really like Amy Adams in most of the films I’ve seen her in , but she’s not right for the Lois Lane role . She has the same problem as Margot Kidder ( who I found attractive in that film btw ) in that they’re both seemingly more ‘mature looking’ than their respective Superman leads :whistle:.
    Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan isn’t as good as Alex Baldwin either . Imho.
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  8. Richard Baker

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    Rosie O'Donnell as Betty in the Flintstones- Betty was a little petite babe (almost half the size of Wilma), Rosie isn't. She did fairly good on the voice, but film is a visual medium and her casting was a fail.
  9. sztriki

    sztriki Sr Member

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    Every frame that Julie Carmen is in "In the Mouth of Madness" is so that it really takes me out no matter how much I love that movie.
    I also never got how Tony Revolori grew up to be F Murray Abraham in "The Grand Budapest Hotel".
  10. cboath

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    So what i'm seeing here is everyone has a problem with every Lois Lane that's been on the big screen :)
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  11. astroboy

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    halle berry as storm
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  12. Treadwell

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    Agreed about Margo, but have you seen her screentest? It's in the extras of the Blu Ray or whatever. I can see why they cast her from that test. Unfortunately it turned out not to be representative.
  13. madmikeee

    madmikeee Sr Member

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    Christian Bale as Batman....seriously horrible.
    Jesse Eisenberg as....anything, he's just awful in every way.
    Jared Leto....same as Eisenberg, just awful
    Kristen Stewart...No need to say in what or why
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  14. Laspector

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    Gotta disagree with you on Kristen Stewart. She was the personification of Joan Jett in The Runaways. Absolutely perfect casting there. Probably the only thing I've ever seen her in other than Zathura, so I can't attest to the rest.
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  15. Edraven99

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    I always hated Kristen Dunst as MJ Watson. When I think of "Face it tiger, you hit the jackpot" she's not the first model/actress I think of....
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  16. Sluis Van Shipyards

    Sluis Van Shipyards Master Member

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    She's what I would consider the girl next door though. If you want bad casting, I'd go with Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man. I don't know how Pepper Potts looked in the comics, but she's someone I wouldn't even look twice at walking down the street!
  17. division 6

    division 6 Master Member

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    Gwyneth Paltrow in Sky Captain.
    Nauseating voice and flat delivery of lines.
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  18. ddspike22

    ddspike22 Active Member

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    Claire Foy as Lisbeth Salander, I think Claire is a great actress but I just dont buy her as Lisbeth. Not like I did Rooney Mara anyway.
  19. ysosrs

    ysosrs New Member

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    I know this might sound like blasphemy, but Keanu Reeves as Neo. The stoner voice just kills me...
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  20. ALLEY


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  21. jarvis

    jarvis Sr Member

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    The Godfather: Diane Keaton
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  22. robn1

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    I've always preferred Phyllis Coates.
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  23. Treadwell

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    Do I have to be the first to say it?
    Keaton as Batman.
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  24. annanake

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    Aaliyiah or howerver you spell it Queen of the Damened .

    really everyone else in the movie as well too.

    they killed a potential franchise to showcase a singer instead of serving a great story .

    and then of course she dies in a completely avoidable plane wreck .
  25. gedmac66

    gedmac66 Sr Member

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    That actress ( can’t recall her name ) who played the lead detective in Castle , has also lent her voice to the character in a couple of DC animated films IIRC .
    She’d make a pretty cool Ms Lane :love:
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  26. Darth Lars

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    Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns is an example of weird casting IMHO. The actress was 22-23 y/o, looked 22 y/o and was playing a seasoned journalist and mother of a five-year old son. Would she have started her career at Daily Planet and got pregnant at 17? It looked unbelievable to me as soon as she appeared on screen.

    Which reminds me of another example of a too young actor: Sverrir Gudnason playing Mikael Blomkvist in that movie. In the books and previous movies, he was a generation older than Lisbeth, not almost the same age.
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  27. edge10

    edge10 Sr Member

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    Maybe too obvious but Keanu in Bram Stoker's Dracula.
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  28. Axlotl

    Axlotl Master Member

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    I'm a Noel Neill guy, myself.
  29. Snikt

    Snikt Sr Member

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    While I love Ian Mckellen, especially as Gandalf, I couldnt believe when they casted him as Magneto in the Xmen movies. He was so old and skinny and frail.
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  30. edge10

    edge10 Sr Member

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    Probably not a 'real' actor but somebody's little brother: I nominate 'Two fighters against a star destroyer?' guy from TESB.
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  31. Edraven99

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    I think that's kind of the problem I had with her casting. I know what Rami was trying to do; she was supposed to be an amalgam of Gwen Stacy and MJ. But in the comics MJ Watson was the Veronica to Gwen's Betty and MJ was supposed to be the trendy model/party girl which I didn't buy from Dunst for a second.

    On the topic of Gwen though, I have to say that I *did* like Emma Stone as Gwen in the reboot series.
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  32. Tatooine_Todd

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    Both leads in Valerian and the City of a Thousands Planets made the film unwatchable. Especially Dane DeHaan.

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  33. Egon Spengler

    Egon Spengler Sr Member

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    Flash Thompson and MJ in Spider-Man Homecoming. Flash should at least look like he could wipe the floor with Peter and MJ should have more than the personality of a rock.
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  34. Solo4114

    Solo4114 Master Member

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    I'll see your Diane Keaton (whom I think is perfectly fine as Kay), and raise you a Sofia Coppola in Godfather III.

    A few quick observations on Godfather III.

    1. It would've been better under its original title (The Death of Michael Corleone).

    2. It's an entirely unnecessary story that basically apes the structure of the first film.

    3. All that said, it's...you know, tolerable....

    4. ...with the exception of Sofia Coppola who, while now an apparently talented director, was AWFUL on camera and had no business in the role. Had Winona Ryder been able to act in it, I have no doubt she would have done much, much better in the part, and the film as a whole would have benefited. But Coppola was awful. Her line delivery is just so flat and emotionless, and I just do not see how she's supposed to be so irresistibly attractive to Vincent. I'm not saying that she's unattractive, but rather that nothing about her performance sells me on Vincent being unable/unwilling to give her up or even why he's drawn to her in the first place.

    5. Also, Al Pacino's hair is seriously weird. I don't get why he did that.
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  35. astroboy

    astroboy Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I loved that. I thought she was magnetic
  36. firesprite

    firesprite Master Member

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  37. The Searcher

    The Searcher Well-Known Member

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    The answer to number four is just nepotism. I mean, would you seriously expect Coppola to not cast his own daughter?
    Funny how that works, especially when you find out Coppola is Nicholas Cage’s uncle...
    As for number 5, no one will ever know. I think some questions are best left unanswered.
  38. Richard Baker

    Richard Baker Sr Member

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    Shatner cast his daughter in Star Trek V as a bridge officer- her ridiculous hair looked like a disguise from 'Mars Attacks'
  39. Strikerkc

    Strikerkc Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I like how this thread seems to be filled with people who are making choices based on the fact that a movie didn't match the fan fiction they wanted, and less on the content and context of the film.

    "Lois lane didn't look the supers hot." Man, it's a real bummer that they were going for "pushy news reporter that didn't make many friends" as her version of the character, and Clark had to love her for who she was as a person.

    "I wouldn't look twice at Gwyneth Paltrow." Yes. Yes, you would. And again, the character is supposed to be loved by Tony because of who she is, not cause she's some piece of meat. It's because she cares about him. Again, wouldn't want our heroes to have to love someone for more than simply having child baring hips.

    "Why did they cast this dude as magneto? He's old, and not strong." Good god, so a character who's super power has nothing to do with being strong, and all about being able to manipulate magnetism, while being deviously brilliant has to look buff? And who cares that the root of his character motivation in the film specifically revolves around him having been in * concentration camps, no need to cast an actor old enough to fit the timeline, lets make him a 32 year old body builder.

    "Flash can only be big and mean, he can't be a character that is simply a foil to Peter, what kind of garbage story telling is that?" Totally right, the only antagonist to a nerdy kid can be a big foot ball player, not another smart nerdy kid, that's boring. Lets just ignore the fact that the high school was a technical and science high school, and add one, big, dumb, mean, stupid, football player.

    "Mary Jane as a well rounded and interesting character? Screw that, just gimme some big titts and red hair!"

    To those of you pointing to poor performances, and weak portrayals of what should have worked, I salute you.
  40. Riceball

    Riceball Sr Member

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    Keanu in Much ado about nothing, now that was truly horrible casting. He was way out of his element and everything he said came out so flat that it was extremely distracting whenever he was on screen.
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  41. Larry T

    Larry T Active Member

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    Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes was absolutely ridiculous.
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  42. Probe Droid

    Probe Droid Master Member

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    Everyone in The Bonfire of the Vanities. You know you're in trouble when you've got Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Donald Moffat, etc., and freakin' Melanie Griffith gives the best performance!
  43. SethS

    SethS Master Member

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    Deniro as Frankenstein's monster.
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  44. The Brahma Bull

    The Brahma Bull Active Member

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    Keaton as Batman. The whole movie is visually great but it's characters and plot had nothing to do with Batman.

    Resse Witherspoon in every movie that pretends she's beautiful, she's not.
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  45. Somerset

    Somerset Active Member

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    We had to watch this film in our English class when I was 15. Keanu was so hilarious - "It must not be denied, but I am a plain-dealing villain!"
  46. Nismo

    Nismo Well-Known Member

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    Topher Grace - Venom (He would be a better peter- with build and personality)

    Finn Jones - (Iron fist) he'd be a better Robin as far as super hero's go

    Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor
  47. Edraven99

    Edraven99 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Were we watching the same series of movies? You might as well have cast Kristen Stewart in the role for the performance Dunst delivered. Every scene that involved her came across as flat and one-note and anything 'well rounded and interesting' about the character was completely lost.

    Again, if you go to the source material, MJ is supposed to be larger than life. Dunst's performance was nothing of the sort.
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  48. Strikerkc

    Strikerkc Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    The MJ I'm referring to as being more of a well rounded character is the one in Homecoming. The character finally has aspirations beyond being "famous, so I don't have to live here" or being the brood mare for a football player "so I don't have to live here".

    Dunst was not, to me, a quality MJ; for all the same reasons you listed.
  49. CT1138

    CT1138 Sr Member

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    Halle Berry as Catwoman. Just... no. In fact, know what? Just throw the whole thing out.

    Michelle Pfeiffer also as Catwoman. I mean, does she really even do anything in this movie besides having a sexy BDSM thing going on in an over stitched catsuit?

    Jack Nicholson as The Joker. He plays a better psycho in The Shining.

    Leslie Jones in the Ghostbusters remake. Yes the movie is complete garbage, but I'll admit that the rest of the main cast are at least funny in other movies. Leslie Jone's entire shtick is being loud. It wasn't funny when Adam Sandler did it. It's not funny when Will Ferrell does it. It's not funny. I don't like her on SNL, I didn't like her here.

    I thought McKellen was perfect as Magneto specifically because he wasn't shredded. Magneto being an old man with an 8 pack was never something I liked about his comic book portrayal. It just seemed antithetical to the character. Magneto was a mastermind who sent others to fight for him and his causes. He rarely got his hands dirty himself.
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  50. GirlyGothicGeek

    GirlyGothicGeek Member

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    Someone already mentioned this, but Kristen Dunst as MJ... yeah no.

    Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia, Keanu Reeves in Dracula, Vince Vaugnn in the Psycho remake...

    And am I the only one who thought that David Thewlis in Wonder Woman was terrible? I started laughing in the theater at the end of the film because it seemed so ridiculous
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