worlds largest enterprise model


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WOW! That is awesome! KUDOS to the team who pulled it off. I wish they had more time to add more details. Something that scale deserves more than just 4 weeks.

AMAZING! Thanks for sharing! :)


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They need to work on their seam blending. :lol

Just kidding, that must have been a heck of a lot of planning. Are they displaying it somewhere?


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I run a scene shop for theatre and I gotta say, we'd be pretty hard pressed to get that done in 4 weeks. We certainly wouldn't look back at it fondly


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I was looking up where they are at, and found that they are only about 30 mins from me now. My fiance is pushing me to try and apply. I'll see about that, but I found this pic, which might help everyone trying to find the enterprise pic.



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It's a great looking model, I just wish they put a little effort into putting the saucer rim windows in their right places. Oh well. Still an amazing block of foam!


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Pffft - totally inaccurate... and that paintjob.. Cmon!

Kidding aside - its damn cool! and it doe4 indeed look like a fun place to work!

Jedi Dade
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