World War Z Display Bust


Hey guys, Been a while (Yeah it's not like i'm utterly terrified of posting stuff here or whatever...>_<)

Found this in my archives, It's a fibreglass bust with silicone pieces I applied and painted as a display Bust. (Please note I only applied and painted the makeup, I wasn't the one sculpting). So many Zombies on that film, it was great to have a selection of colours and styles to choose from.
Painting took 2 days, including application. Mix of oils painting and Skin illustrators.

I'm planning on doing more of these for personal projects. I think it's a great way to display your makeups once they are done. (You can apply them on your model, then use the lifecast as a display stand, Or apply them on a lifecast first to do colour test!!).

18895-8421888-IMG_3880.jpg 18895-8421914-IMG_3891.jpg

You can see more pics 360° in a different light HERE

Hope you like it :)

Mr Mold Maker

Master Member
Very cool!

I actually tried keeping some make ups similar to this for a while but ran out of space very quickly!

The paint job looks very nice in particular!


Thanks! I think using oil kinda looks better as skin illustrators intend to be a bit flat and matt :/, But easier to replace when mistakes are done !

Yeah that's kind of he only issue I guess, But you could always mount them on the wall or something xD hehehe !
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