World War 1 German helmet


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I have never made a costume piece before, but I am fascinated with the World war one era German helmet. The one with the Pickelhaube (spike) on it. Any advice, suggestions for how to make one?


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Why make one when you can buy a replica for under $100?

This or if you are dead set on making one i'd suggest going to your local toy store and finding a $5.00 plastic kids knights helmet...they are generally large enough to fit an adult and provide you with a good basic outline for a ww1 german helmet (if you get the one im thinking of been in production for years). Then just sculpt around that.


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Start By searching Pickelhaube on eBay. PLENTY there... a lot are being made in India/Pakastan now for dirt cheap.

But if you REALLY like WW1 German stuff, the Great War Association just had its Fall field event. Complete with trenches, dogfighting air craft, and epic battle.

Re-enacting WW1 is open to everybody (Men and Women) take a look here, find a unit, and viola'
The Great War Association - World War One Reenacting Page
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