World of WarCraft:WoD Blackrock Armor


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First build using EVA foam. I like it - it's remarkably forgiving stuff.
Still need to fine-tune it some, but here's the beginning of my Blackrock Armor Set. I'm still int he cutting, gluing, how-the-hell-did-I-get-contact-cement-there phases, but hopefully this will work out well.
Progress will be posted when I remember.
Thank you in advance for your time, comments, and critiques.
blackrockhat2.jpg blackrockhat3.jpg


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I'm fairly new to using foam but one thing I would recommend is using a glue gun. It is so much faster and easier than contact cement ( which I've tried). It holds amazingly well and takes one tenth the time. The only issue is seepage of the glue. Keep away from the edges with the bead but bring the edges together first. Also, if you do get seepage if you wait till the "half hardens" and the joint is tight you can quickly remove the excess but timing is really important. I recommend a few practice pieces until you get the hang of it. one trick for shaping I've discovered is that if you heat the back of the foam first and the move to heating the front the back will start to contract and the heated front will be soft. You can get most bends without even using you hands to shape it. Your helmet is looking great!


I'd also recommend using a glue gun. A heat gun is also extremely useful if you want to shape the foam prior to glueing. Most of all though, get a rotary tool. It's pretty much the main reason to use foam. Try shopping around different thrift stores or garage sales if you can't find one on ebay for a good price.


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So, it's been a while. Life, blah, blah, blah...
I wanted to go for the raid look. Before the Jeeves was broken out... :)

I did try hot glue on a few pieces. I ended up shifting back tot he Barge's contact cement. It takes longer, but seemed a lot more dependable overall.
Texture was hours...days...weeks...with a Dremel, loud music, and a lot of swears.
Used Plasti-dip to seal, then acrylic craft paint to, uh, paint. Lots of layers. Some dry brushing, some rust/grime mixtures.
The furnace-y lighted areas are cut-outs from a lamp shade, painted, with LEDs behind (and a little Photographer Magic.)
My photographer, by the way, was Anne Barhyte of Photography of Life. If you're ever in Colorado, look her up. Her work is gorgeous.
Blackrock 1.jpg
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Test run with LEDs.
...they have a strobe setting, so I'm totes ready for the parties at DragonCon :)

They also have a slow flicker setting, which I thought would emulate the kind of furnace look the whole mess has.

In another two years, I might even have the hammer built! ;)
LED test.jpg
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