Working Wrist Blades

Feline hunter

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Hi I'm abit strapped for cash, and can't pay to have wrist blades commissioned so I was wondering if people could send me a list of materials, where to find them, and some pictures telling the steps on how to make them. Also what paints to use cause I wanna have some ready for a convention thats about a few months away.
How do you want them to work full retract and extension ie using motors or just extension and have to manually retract them the second one some balsa wood and elastic band and a slide rail would do you. Most you can find at a hardware or hobbie shop the gauntlets them selves you make out of anything from a shoe box to a pro goes can look at the tutorials there is alot of help there.
As with almost every question I have seen asked the past several months, the same answer applies :
search for the various postings related to this topic already listed.
The SEARCH button can be your best friend...

back to you feline hunter if you want extending and retracting blades talk to elkman or you can build your own but it will not be cheap you can also talk to german hunter i believe his name is again find what you can afford and look sround and the search on here is wonky but be patient go to the huntorials they will give the best info
Master anubis did a great gauntlet, manual retract, spring loaded also double h is making one, maybe looking at those hreads wil help
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