Working Noisy Cricket (pics and vid)


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Hey guys,
I just finished building the noisy cricket kit and wanted to show everyone how great it turned out. I'll let the pics do the talking:



And of course a video of this bad boy in action
Youtube: Noisy Cricket with lights and sound

I decided to change out the window screen mesh for some hexagon mesh I had laying around. I feel it looks more futuristic and less cheap then the window screen. The grips are painted with plasti-dip to give it a rubber finish. I also installed a spring in the hammer so it is operational. And of course the custom light and sound board. That proved to be the most challenging part. FYI there is very little space to work with in this thing!!!

Followed up with a sanding of all the parts with 600 grit and then polished up with brassco and you have yourself one awesome sidearm. It's just so darn cute.

Feels great in the hand (the weight and balance are spot on.) And its even more fun to shoot. So far this has been my most popular replica for everyone who has seen it.

Hope you guys enjoy it!
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