Wooden SRS99-AM (Halo Reach Sniper Rifle)


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Cross post from my 405th thread, all previous posts can be seen on the original thread: Here

Progress so far:

There's enough friction from the two rods on the rifle butt to avoid needing to drill locking pins which will save a bit of time. I'm currently working on engraving the cosmetic details (Misriah emblem, butt grooves, etc) and drilling all the way through the shroud, which is taking much longer than I'd hoped because the 28mm spade bit I'm using is now blunt).


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Barrel fittings drilled out muzzle brake interior widened (Needs some cleaning up)
My sniper scope arrived, although I still need to make the box to go around it. Charging handle finished and lubed, but it still needs the slider cover and ejector slot cover.
Since the strength of the barrel is vital at that point, I can't make the chambering system as I originally intended. Instead of actually chambering the bullets, I now intend to have the charging handle simply push the bullets out of the side, under the barrel when the handle is pulled back.

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