WOO - The Secret Master - Help needed!

Rocket Raccoon

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So I got the urge to start making a new costume. After I did the Road Warrior, I thought it would be nice to go in some completely different direction and I stumbled upon this guy here:


As you can see, it's an 1/6 scale action figure. Due to the fact, that the guy only has some robotic arms and a head/helmet, I thought that the costume wouldn't be too hard to make.
My plan for the head is to take a similiar pepakura design and work around it, to achieve this original design.
For the arms, I'd like to use worbla and create some sort of gloves that go up all over the elbows and held by some straps around my shoulders.
The rest of the uniform should be easy to obtain. Maybe some rework on some parts, like the pants and vest. The other armor parts should be easy to recreate out of worbla I think. But overall, I think it's pretty doable.

Now, I started to create some stencils for the lower arms out of thick cardboard, but here's my first problem:
I can't get the proportions right. I know it's a 1/6 scale figure, but I don't have the actual figure for reference to take some measurements.
I asked the company Devil Toys, but I haven't received an answer yet. I hope they will send me some additional informations.
But if not, I need some help. How do I get the right measurements out of these photos, so I can recreate some fitting proportions for myself?
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Here are some additional pictures:
devil-woo1.jpg devil-woo3.jpg devil-woo4.jpg devil-woo5.jpg

Rocket Raccoon

New Member
I tried to replicate one side of the arm with cardboard, but I don't think the proportions are right. It's long and wide enough to cover my forearm, but I think that it must be a little bit thinner and longer, to look like the original design.

Any ideas how I could achieve this? Maybe just trying around different measurements and see what happens?
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