Wonka bar wrappers, Greg Hildebrandt book and sketch? and animation cel set

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I know the JY Rule is one item per listing, but I don’t want to eat up space, especially when these items are not even really prop related, except the Wonka bar wrappers. So I apologize for posting this way, and for breaking the rules.

I am cleaning more closets and finding stuff I have no use for. So I thought I would see if there was interest here before moving on to eBay.

First item I have for sale is a set of Swan Princess Animation color model cels. I worked on the film which is why I have these. During production they made color cels for everyone to keep consistency throughout the picture. They made them from all angles since you needed to know every shot of the them. Sadly, these are mostly the back shots and an effects cel. So nothing extremely useful to a lot of people... I just feel bad tossing them out. So I’m only going to ask $22 shipped in the US. That is about $10 plus shipping and PP fee. Outside US, I can get you a quote.

Second item I have is a set of 4 Wonka Bar wrappers. These were given to me by Roland and are the exact same ones he uses on his run of these. I was going to make a few extra to display and never got around to it. So I am selling this set for someone to make them. I want to sell all in one set.
$15 shipped in the US. Outside US at cost.

Third item is a Greg Hildebrandt From Tolkien to Oz book in good condition, along with, what I was told, a original concept sketch. I bought the book and it came with the sketch a few years back. It had no COA or anything but the person said they acquired the sketch directly from Greg through a convention. It has no signature though.... so I do not like to make 100% claims when I have no direct proof. I haven’t been able to find a painting that this was from, but looking at his other sketches, it looks like his style, his linework and his subject matter. The book itself doesn’t sell for dirt anymore, maybe only $10 but the sketch if confirmed could be hundreds. So I’m asking what I paid which was $75.00 with free shipping in the US, and outside the US at cost to ship.

Please PM me if interested and do not follow the BIN link at the top as that is for only one item. There is no way to check out for individual items.


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