Wonka Bar collection; forgot I had these...duh!


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So, as I'm out on reserve training right now, my fiancé decided to clean out our closet for that " out with the old, in with the new " womanly space making syndrome she gets on her days off. Anyhow, I'm in my office giving a training lesson when suddenly my phone chimes and I see I have a text from her. I check it and I see this photo of my Wonka collection spread out on the floor with a text saying..."Babe, just found these in the closet; should I keep or toss out?"I thought What??? :eek What in the H*** are you thinking woman? I said, keep of course!!! I totally forgot I had this set of props from both Wonka movies...damn, how could I? Wow, that would've been a major downer if I had come home and she told me she threw out my Wonka collection. Thank goodness for today's cell phone technology right!? :lol Here's the pic she sent me:

Now imagine all this sitting in a trash can :cry I don't even know, nor could I imagine how much all this is worth right now. All I know is it would've been a total loss for me; I'm just glad she asked me first! :lol
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